When It’s Time For a Tree Surgery Quote

All tree surgery work, whether it’s the removal of branches, or the treating of bacteria or fungus should ideally be carried out by a professional team. Not only do they have the expertise to deal with tree damage or disease, but they have the skills necessary to do this in a safe manner. For that reason, getting a free tree surgery quote is vital.

Below are a couple of examples of when getting a tree surgery quote would be a preferred option:

Dealing with High Hedges and Tree Boundaries

High hedges can not only spoil the view from your house or garden, but can reduce the amount of light entering a property and pose a falling risk. Situations like this can be dealt with privately, or the local authorities can be involved. A qualified tree surgeon can cut the hedges back to the required height, whilst still maintaining the health and shape of the tree or hedge. If situations like this aren’t dealt with amicably, you may find that you or your neighbour are liable to a fine, so getting a tree surgery quote is a preferred option.

Pruning Trees and Dealing With Dead Branches

A qualified tree surgeon is a must in this case, especially if you are dealing with tall trees with large branches that need pruning or removing. There is a serious danger associated with this type of work if you do not have the right qualifications.

The Majority of pruning work involves removing dead or dying branches which pose a real falling risk. The work on both dead and live branches can be carried out at any time of the year, though there are some considerations such as flowering and birds nesting which should be considered prior to commencing any work. Getting a tree surgery quote in this instance is more about safety than anything else.