Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Bed and Breakfast Business

Make sure you have the personality and flair to host outsiders on a 24/7 basis continuously. Know the process of obtaining a license for a B&B from the local zoning board. This is important because some areas prohibit a B&B setup. There may also be some restrictions on certain types of foods which also need to be confirmed. Determine the number of boarders that you are allowed to serve. Refer to your existing building codes. In case you have more than five rooms, comply with Disabilities Act.

What will I need?

  • A good location
  • Adequate number of rooms
  • An outgoing personality and an ability to put up a smiling face all the time
  • Spare bedroom(s)
  • Concrete knowledge, a flair for cooking, a mindset to make guests feel comfortable
  • An effective and realistic marketing plan
  • A network with visitors' bureaus, tourism offices and chambers of commerce
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