How Internet Maketing Strategies Can Boost Your Business In Essex Area

Anyone in Essex area who has a business or is thinking of starting one, Internet marketing can be a great way to achieve your goals. Other marketing strategies include search engine optimization, social media marketing, video maketing, reputation management etc but as a startup you more likely to benefit from search engine optimization Essex to […]

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The next YouTube? Amazon now allows creators to post content on its platform

First Amazon launched its own monthly video streaming service — separate from Prime — to rival Netflix. Now it’s taking on YouTube with the launch of a new “self-service program for creators and storytellers to make their video content available to Amazon customers.” Amazon Video Direct (AVD), which launches Tuesday, gives creators the opportunity to earn […]


Australians Googled for 552 million hours last year

According to unsurprising 2015 data released by market survey company Roy Morgan Research, the search engine is well and truly beating its competitors in Australia. The sample of 50,276 Internet users indicated an estimated 16,903,000 Australians older than the age of 14 visited the search engine at least once during a four week timeframe. In that same […]

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What I Lacked in Qualifications I Learned to Make Up with Courage

Whenever I hear others telling people the formula for success, I always snicker to myself. My rise to fame was so un-formulaic, I cannot even tell you. My story starts almost 65 years ago on the South Side of Chicago, where I grew up. I (unlike what most of you probably imagine) was not born into […]


Google now lets YouTubers raise money for charity with every video

Giving back just got a whole lot easier — at least when it comes to YouTube. Google announced a new feature on Tuesday that lets YouTubers attach a streamlined “donation card” to their videos, raising money for a verified nonprofit of their choice through the content they create. The new add-on, which appears when viewers […]