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8 Most Common Questions On Artificial Grass

Who wouldn’t like to have a beautiful lawn covered with healthy green grass that brings pleasure to the eye? Nevertheless, most of us think twice before making this decision, due to the hard work required to maintain that lawn. More often than not we need to hire professionals to mow our lawn and to perform the regular maintenance works, in order to preserve the healthy look of our grass. This is why many people have started to consider choosing artificial grass over natural grass. Once installed, artificial grass requires very little to no maintenance. Furthermore, it offers a series of other benefits that make it a good alternative to natural grass. Here are a few of the most common questions people ask before deciding to choose fake grass for their backyards instead of the real thing.

1. What kind of surfaces are suitable for installing the artificial grass?

You can install artificial grass on any type of surface such as soil, concrete, tarmac, and paving. The rear side of the turf can easily adhere to any surface, ensuring excellent durability.

2. Is artificial grass safe for children and pets?

It comes without saying that everyone wants their kids and pets to be safe, so this is a legit question to ask. You can rest assured that fake turf won’t trigger any allergic reactions and it won’t hurt the skin of your pets and children. Furthermore, there’s special turf that features an additional layer of fake grass strands that are very soft to the touch. This should prevent injuries, even in the event of a tough landing.

3. What are the maintenance works required to keep artificial turf in good shape?

Fake grass will look great for a very long time without any maintenance works. You won’t have to mow or water your lawn anymore to keep it healthy and good looking. However, you should remove dry leaves and dog poop to prevent them from getting stuck in your grass.

4. How long can I expect my artificial turf to last?

Depending on the volume of traffic on your lawn, artificial grass can last even two decades without any maintenance. This makes it an excellent solution from a finance standpoint.

5. Can I install my artificial turf without the need for professional help?

There are many explanatory videos on DIY artificial grass installation. Nevertheless, you’ll need to buy some tools to be able to do this yourself. If you’re keen on doing it, make sure you carefully watch the professional tutorials and you follow them closely. Watch them multiple times, if needed, as even a slight mistake may affect the durability of your artificial grass.

6. What to use to stick the turf to the ground?

You need a strong adhesive to attach the artificial grass to the surface. In some cases, you may have to use adhesive tapes. Either way, should you be willing to tackle this project by yourself, make sure you buy a good brand of adhesive.

7. Is fake turf an eco-friendly choice?

Yes. You won’t find any report on the negative impact of artificial grass on the environment. You can enjoy a beautiful lawn without having to spread pesticides or other potentially toxic chemicals all over its surface.

8. Does its color fade over time?

In some rather rare cases, the color of artificial turf starts to fade after 20 years or so. If you want to avoid this, you can choose UV protected fake grass.

Knowing What To Do After A Storm With Damaged Trees

Essex is a place that is known for its grand trees. Trees are not just an essential factor for the city, but to the very way of life in the area. The overall character trait of many towns in Essex is defined by those very canopies that offer lush and vibrant colors throughout the year. One can easily see why tree trimming and pruning is such an essential service throughout the state.

The local toen counties are the ones responsible for the overall maintenance, re-planting, pruning and removal of trees throughout the city, however, it is up to an individual to take care of the tress on their own property.

While urban forests are a thing of beauty, they are also an essential source of wellbeing for the society and environment. Trees are known throughout the world as the “lungs” that help in the purification of the air we breathe. However, on a more personal and local level, they offer the ability for cooler summers and energy savings on air-conditioning. Additionally, trees help in the prevention of soil erosion and have been shown to increase the value of the property.

While we could spend hours conversing on the beauty of trees and how much of a gift they are, it is also to understand that they can be a danger and pose a serious threat to property and human life. Older trees especially can be considered highly dangerous in a storm. Typically, after a violent storm, older trees are the biggest casualty.

Dealing with Storm Damaged Trees

Tornadoes and major storms have been known to fully uproot large trees and tear down even the healthiest of specimens out of the ground, in many cases they come hurtling down into the earth or directly onto a home or car.

After a violent storm, it is best to turn to a professional tree specialist for assistance of damaged trees. This can be a rather costly and labor-intensive project, thankfully, most storm damage will be covered by household insurance.

If a tree has fallen onto a building due to a storm, a professional tree expert can be called upon to remove the tree in an efficient manner and allow power crews the opportunity to access buildings and power lines.

Preserving Damaged Trees

Tree experts will be able to remove damaged trees but also preserve those that can be left standing after it looks as though all hope is lost for the tree. However, partially damaged trees may be too much of a threat for bodily or property harm and should be cut down and removed as opposed to being a constant threat on the property.

Professional tree surgeons are fully experienced and qualified in the saving and preserving of the remnants of a tree, as well as conserving the garden after a disaster.

If there is a damaged tree on your property from a storm or you feel unsafe due to an oversized tree on your property, it is best to contact Essex tree specialist today.

When It’s Time For a Tree Surgery Quote

All tree surgery work, whether it’s the removal of branches, or the treating of bacteria or fungus should ideally be carried out by a professional team. Not only do they have the expertise to deal with tree damage or disease, but they have the skills necessary to do this in a safe manner. For that reason, getting a free tree surgery quote is vital.

Below are a couple of examples of when getting a tree surgery quote would be a preferred option:

Dealing with High Hedges and Tree Boundaries

High hedges can not only spoil the view from your house or garden, but can reduce the amount of light entering a property and pose a falling risk. Situations like this can be dealt with privately, or the local authorities can be involved. A qualified tree surgeon can cut the hedges back to the required height, whilst still maintaining the health and shape of the tree or hedge. If situations like this aren’t dealt with amicably, you may find that you or your neighbour are liable to a fine, so getting a tree surgery quote is a preferred option.

Pruning Trees and Dealing With Dead Branches

A qualified tree surgeon is a must in this case, especially if you are dealing with tall trees with large branches that need pruning or removing. There is a serious danger associated with this type of work if you do not have the right qualifications.

The Majority of pruning work involves removing dead or dying branches which pose a real falling risk. The work on both dead and live branches can be carried out at any time of the year, though there are some considerations such as flowering and birds nesting which should be considered prior to commencing any work. Getting a tree surgery quote in this instance is more about safety than anything else.